Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Canada: America's Hat

I keep seeing people wearing a T-shirt that says "Canada is America's Hat". I don't really get why this is funny. Is it because Canada is north of us? Does Mexico have shirts that say "America is Mexico's Hat. And so is Canada. They are both one big hat. A sombrero, I guess." This will probably lead to Americans wearing shirts that say, "America is not Mexico's hat. Mexico is America's penis. And Florida is America's smaller penis that is used for boning ugly chicks. And California is another penis that is an erection and is pressed against the body so nobody sees that it is an erection."

I guess then that France would start wearing shirts that said, "America has so many dicks because it is always fucking over Africa and the Middle East" And then America would wear shirts that said, "Stay out of this France. First of all, who asked you. And second of all, we wouldn't fuck Africa because Africa has AIDs." And then Mexicans will start wearing shirts that say, "Wait, maybe America is Mexico's helmet of some sorts and Alaska is..." and these shirts will be interrupted by American shirts that say, "Shut up, Mexico! Canada is our hat. That's all."
All I'm saying is that this all seems kinda unnecessary to me.

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